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"You don't have to love organizing to have an organized home! We would be happy to help!" 

Hiring An Organizer

Step 1:   Choose a priority area that you would like to get started 

Step 2:   Set up a complimentary phone consultation

Step 3:  During the phone consultation, I will ask you some questions about your challenges and goals. I will explain the process that we use for each area that we will organize. I will answer all of your questions and see if Simply Organized will be a great fit for your projects. 

Step 4:   We will set up an organizing session to get your home more organized and functional. 

Step 5:  We sort alike items together and create systems to make maintaining the home much easier!

Step 6:  We offer one load of donation removal included with each session.

Step 7:  We can also make suggestions for upgrading your storage system or adding additional storage options.

When beauty and function meet, we have Organized perfection!!!


-Kitchen and Pantry Organization


The kitchen is the heart of the home and a well organized kitchen is a functional kitchen! We specialize in helping busy families getting their spaces organized so that it is much easier to maintain and keep clean!! We are able to use the existing storage or we also offer the space planning and shopping to upgrade organizing supplies. Kitchens, pantries and long term food storage areas are quickly becoming one of our most popular services 


-Garages and Storage Areas

Your garage and storage area will determine just how much stuff that you can live with comfortably. These spaces often become the catch all for anything that doesn't have a place in the home. These areas are a great place to get started if you're interested in keeping your home organized long term. 

-New Home Set-Up

We love helping our clients get unpacked into their new homes!!! We use the  "purposeful placement" technique and create organizational systems within the home, as we unpack so that it is much easier to maintain and keep clean, long term. 

-Small Business Organization

Many businesses struggle with organization in the work place. We assist in work spaces, offices and storage spaces. We help our clients to increase productivity and to cut down in costs. We make sure that you will know what you have, it should be stored near the location that it is used and it should be just as easy to put stuff away as it is to leave it out.

-Personal Design and Shopping

You are welcome to add design, planning and shopping to any service that we provide. It is billed by the hour, just like all the services we offer. We love to help our clients to find the right furniture, organizing system, containers and other creative solutions to your most challenging areas. 

-Busy Family Organization Session

We help you to identify which areas that we can make the most difference for each family and tackle theses areas in 4-6 hour sessions. We remove everything from each space, sort, and set up each space to be more functional, esthetically pleasing and much easier to maintain and keep clean. Our goal is to make stuff just as easy to put it away as it is to leave it out.

-Nurseries and Playrooms

We help set up and organize nurseries and get the home ready for busy parents to be. This session makes a great gift to a new expecting mother that could use an extra hand getting the nursery ready or helping in other area of the home that might be challenging. We also provide organization for kid bedrooms and playrooms. We offer toy rotation advice as well as storage solutions for other challenging areas.

-Pinterest Level Organization

If you are already pretty organized but you are looking for some fine tuning, or are ready to upgrade your system or supplies, we are here to help!!! We love helping people to make their homes more beautiful AND more functional!!! These types of projects will always cost more in supplies than labor but it is worth every penny!!! 

-Master Closets, Vanities and Dressing Rooms

These are some of our favorite projects to tackle! Clothes, shoes, accessories and make up products are awesome to have when you need them, but they can really get out of hand over time!! We are here to help you get through all of it and get it set up so you will be able to know what you have, where to find it and it should be super easy to put away!! 

-Senior or Special Needs

We are honored to serve those that need us the most! Organized and functional is not the same for everyone and we take your needs seriously when considering solutions for your specific challenges. Whether, you're having a hard time getting around or just need some help getting your set up in a better way that makes more sense for you.

-Something you don't see?

Feel free to give me a call or a message if you're looking for an Organization Service you don't see on our page. Our passion is helping people to solve problems and to make life easier!!! Let us know how we can help!!

-Denise Nunes




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"My passion is to motivate and inspire people to a more organized life so they can enjoy the things they truly care about!!"  -Denise Nunes

Hard work, problem solving techniques and innovative ideas are key in the process of organizing your homes, offices and storage areas.

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Give us a call or text

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the process, billing, how to get started or any other questions you may have. I will be curious to know about your priority areas. I will ask questions about who uses each space and what for. If you could send me a few pictures, it helps us to wrap our brains around the project before we arrive and it helps to determine a timeline for the project.

-Denise Nunes


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

-Leonardo Da Vinci

Get To Know Your Organizer

Meet Denise Nunes

Denise was born and raised in Washington State. She grew up riding horses, playing in the treehouse and floating down the creek with her brothers. She lived in the Pacific North West until the year she married the love of her life, Casey Nunes. Soon after their marriage, they moved to Germany on orders with the US Air Force. They spent the first three years of their marriage trying to soak up as much culture, history and new experiences, as they built a home in a foreign country. After the tour in Germany, the little family moved to Okinawa, Japan. Luckily for them, Okinawa was a sub-tropical island!! They spent a lot of time at the beach and trying all of the local cuisine. They spent four years living the island life and will never forget the amazing memories they made and the people they met along the way. 

Interesting Fact: Denise has three little girls that were each born on a different continent!!!!

Why would you like to be Simply Organized?

Surrounded by Clutter VS. Simply Organized


Negative effects of being surrounded with clutter:

-Pollutes home, work and head space

-Makes you late

-Hurts your image

-Breeds indecision

-Waste money buying stuff you have

-Wastes your precious time

-Causes feelings of hopelessness and depression

-Can sabotage your mental health

-Can damage relationships

-Makes you feel tired and drained of energy


Simply Organized

Benefits of storing alike things together and purposeful placement:

-You can save time, money and energy and enjoy a space with positive growth potential
-Instantly improves time management
-Improves health, safety, appearance, peace of mind and dignity
-Cuts cleaning time by at least 40% (My personal favorite)
-Makes you feel better
-Improves the self esteem of every person that uses the space
-Brings peace and relaxation
-You can think more clearly
-Increased productivity
-For better relationships
-Positive "carry-over' into all areas of your lives, personal and professional


Organizing Rate

Regular Organizing Rate $65 an hour
Four hour minimum
Additional rates apply for travel over 60 minutes

One Organizer is ideal for small to medium sized organizing projects. These sessions are great for people who are interested in working one on one with an Organizer to learn lots of tips and tricks to become and stay Simply Organized. We are also also able to work independently to Organize home and office spaces.

Organizing Teams Now Available

We are now offering Organizing teams to tackle large organizing projects, as well as split up and tackle multiple areas at one time. These sessions are perfect for people that are ready to make a big impact in a short amount of time.

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